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Sole Water

How to Prepare Sole Water Sole water is easy to prepare.Find a glass jar with a plastic lid. Do not store sole water in metal containers. The high salt concentration can cause wear on some metal products. Fill 1/4th of the jar with Himalayan salt and rest of it with...

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What to Look for in Clean Skin Care

Do we really know what we are looking for when looking for a good, organic skin care range! I know I didn't have a clue. I was so careful about what I was putting INTO my body, and what cleaning products I was using in my home, without worrying too much about what I...

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Thermogenesis: Breaking down the Fa(c)ts

Left and right, we hear different phrases or terms related to weight management—perhaps the most common term we may hear is “fat-burning.” To some, it may light up the eyes with excitement because it seems like a quick fix to getting rid of excess weight—however, it...

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A little bit of Sole

I am always looking for alternate remedies for any ailment that comes my way. Until I found my supplements 2 years ago, I was looking for something that could help with my hormones and adrenal fatigue (self diagnosed 🙂 ) I came across a post recommending Sole. What...

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I Can Feel It In My Bones

As I sit here on a cold, chilly morning, I am so grateful I made my big pot of bone broth yesterday! For me, I can feel the goodness slide down my throat and into my tummy, making me feel warm and nourished!!  We all know the saying “I can feel it in my bones” –...

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