Do we really know what we are looking for when looking for a good, organic skin care range! I know I didn’t have a clue.

I was so careful about what I was putting INTO my body, and what cleaning products I was using in my home, without worrying too much about what I was putting ONTO my body! And our skin being our largest organ, it is really important to know what we are putting onto our bodies.

So what is “Clean Beauty”? And why is it so important?

To me, clean beauty is defined by products that are organic, that are created mindfully and ethically, have no toxic ingredients and of course, are not tested on animals. They have not only the health of our bodies in mind, but also the environment.

8 Criteria to look for in Organic Products

  • No GMO’s
  • Green Chemistry – stringent limitations on toxicity and biodegradibility
  • Strict water standards
  • Plant based ingredients (from organic farming)
  • Natural origin mineral-based ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Company sustainability
  • Accurate and non-misleading marketing claims

What sets the Nutriance Skin Care Range apart?

Not only are they 100% COSMOS certified organic (ticks all the above), but they are 100% vegan and tested on humans. And they use environmentally conscious and sustainable manufacturing processes

All products are tested at leading research institutes in France to demonstrate and confirm effectiveness. Ingredients are chosen expressly for the efficacy on human skin and in particular, their positive effects on the skin barrier function. Nutriance organic uses marine botanicals sourced from a protected biosphere off the coast of Brittany, France, an area renowned for its exceptional wealth of seaweeds, purity of water, and thalassotherapy (the use of seawater in cosmetics and health treatments) centres. All Nutriance Organic products have been clinically tested and proven for the results they claim.

I love my skincare products and they have certainly made a big difference in my skin.