My Story: How I Overcame Sickness and Chronic Fatigue

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‘I’m tired!’ Is the new normal. Up until a year ago, It was certainly my normal. I was one of many of the ‘healthiest’ ‘sick’ people around!

Everyday was a drag. Waking up, getting out of bed and just trying to make it through the day was a burden. Chatting to my husband, James at the end of the day seemed like too much of an effort, I couldn’t go for a jog or even play with my toddler without feeling drained. I didn’t feel alive, for me, everyday was a chore to get through rather than a beautiful new day of opportunity. And I was too tired to care.

On the odd day when I did feel like I had some energy, I would get excited and decide to go for a short run, or try and do some form of exercise, only to feel wiped out for two weeks afterwards and then come down with some form of cold or flu!

I was ALWAYS sick. I couldn’t function properly, everything was too much effort and I was just happy to make it to the end of the day, so I could crawl back into bed. It became quite debilitating and started seriously effecting my family life and relationships.

I even started missing out on family getaways, because of ill health!

I had a heart attack at 39.

Normal??? I don’t think so.

A year ago, not being able to go away with my family once again, due to pneumonia, I was introduced to Neolife… by a friend who said to me ‘Shelley, sort yourself out!!!’

Having been unwell for so long, I have done my fair bit of research, had so many blood tests – which all came back normal – tried many a diet and have taken many supplements. Nothing had ever made a noticeable difference.

Feeling very skeptical, but desperate, I decided to give Neolife a go. I liked the fact that they are whole food supplements made with organic ingredients and backed by science.

And needless to say, that phone call has been a turning point in my life. I cannot emphasize how life changing it has been and the difference it has made.

I must add here however, that a good diet and proper nutrition is an essential part of a holistic health care plan. I know the power of wholesome food because I have an extensive foodie background. I owned a renowned deli in Port Elizabeth for many years and have a passion for food, flavors and cooking. But my diet alone wasn’t enough to heal me as my body had become so run down that I needed some extra support.

I started to feel a difference two weeks in and after a month, my husband – who was more skeptical than I was – said “babe, you are not even back to your old self, you are better than I have ever known you!!”

Pretty powerful stuff.

I have so much more energy, I have found a new mental vitality, no more brain fog!!! I no longer snap when James asks me how my day was – we talk to each other! Im no longer too tired to run around with Jim and now spend quality time with him instead of plonking him down in front of the tv. We do things as a family.

I started mountain biking and have completed a handful of races and stage events, even coming in 3rd lady in an 82km race.

I am able to do things I never thought I would be able to do.

My journey is far from over and there are still things I would like to improve on healthwise. But my transformation has been so incredible and motivating. I don’t think anyone needs to feel tired, sick or unhappy. You have the power to transform your life. Today, you can choose to have a healthy, energetic and happy life.

I understand what it's like to feel tired all the time and long for a solution...

My breakthrough came when a friend said to me, “Shelley, sort yourself out!!!”  She suggested that I gave Neolife a try.  I now want to be able to help others by sharing the benefits of these whole food supplements with those that might be struggling as I was.

I have had such great personal results using these products. 

It was the integrity, transparency and long-standing reputation of the company that first helped to convince me to try them. The fact that they are made using whole food, organic ingredients aligns with my values, and I appreciate that they are backed by science and doctors.

I am not an expert on health matters, but I do have access to experts and I do have my personal experience to share.  Please make use of the form below if you would like to ask me anything.

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